What is Social Protection?


“A paper, token or e-voucher that can be exchanged for a set quantity or value of goods, denominated either as a cash value (e.g. $15) or predetermined commodities or services (e.g. 5 kg maize; milling of 5kg of maize), or a combination of value and commodities. They are redeemable with preselected vendors or in ‘fairs’ created by the agency. Vouchers are used to provide access to a range of goods or services, at recognized retail outlets or service centers. Vouchers are by default a restricted form of transfer, although there are wide variations in the degree of restriction/flexibility different voucher-based programmes may provide. The terms vouchers, stamps, or coupons are often used interchangeably”.

Source: The Cash Learning Partnership. N.d. “Glossary of Cash Transfer Programme Terminology”. CaLP <https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/documents/files/calp-glossary_of_cash_transfer_programme_terminology.pdf>. Accessed 30 April 2020.