What is Social Protection?

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"A social protection programme can temporarily increase the benefit value or duration of a benefit provided through an existing programme, either for all or for some of the existing beneficiaries. This can be done via an adjustment of transfer amounts, or through the introduction of extraordinary payments or transfers, to a regular social assistance programme implemented in non-crisis times. The rationale may be to recognise the increased household costs as a result of the crises, or to temporarily harmonise the size of payments from the social assistance programme with a humanitarian response. Alternatively, if the payments are to be extended in duration, the rationale may be that there has been an extended period of need as a result of market disruption or agricultural production. With this approach, any extra support is provided as an integral part of the existing intervention – that is, it uses the same implementers and delivery channels".

Source: European Commission. 2019. "Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. A Game Changer in Supporting People through Crises". Tools and Methods Series No. 26. European Comission. <https://socialprotection.org/discover/publications/tools-and-methods-series-reference-document-no-26-social-protection-across>. Accessed 15 April 2020.