What is Social Protection?

Transformative measures

"Transformative measures seek to address concerns of social equity and exclusion, such as collective action for workers’ rights, or upholding human rights for minority ethnic groups. Transformative interventions include changes to the regulatory framework to protect “socially vulnerable groups” (e.g. people with disabilities, or victims of domestic violence) against discrimination and abuse, as well as sensitisation campaigns (such as the ‘HIV/AIDS Anti-Stigma Campaign’, which is discussed later in this paper) to transform public attitudes and behaviour and enhance social equity".

Source:  Devereux, S. and Sabates-Wheeler, R. 2004. "Transformative social protection". IDS Working Paper 232. Institute of Development Studies. <https://www.unicef.org/socialpolicy/files/Transformative_Social_Protection.pdf>. Accessed 14 May 2020.