What is Social Protection?

Targeting method

"(...) the program needs to choose the ‘right’ targeting method to reach a group of population or households who qualify to be considered as the beneficiaries of the program or usually those who qualifies as poor.  There have been several methods of targeting discussed in the literature: Means testing or proxy means testing (where benefits are provided to those below a certain level of income or well-being), geographic (where programs are aimed people living in particular areas with certain characteristics such as poverty or marginality), categorical (where benefits are given to particular demographic groups such as children, orphans, indigenous groups, etc.), community-based assessment (where program assignmentis decentralized to the leaders of local communities), and self-selection (mainly through the public works)."

Source: García-Jaramillo, S. and Miranti, R. 2015. "Effectiveness of targeting in social protection programs aimed to children: lessons for a post-2015 agenda". United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. <https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000232421>. Accessed 03 September 2020