What is Social Protection?


“The selection of beneficiaries of a programme.”

Source: Barrientos, A. et al. 2010. "Social Assistance in Developing Countries Database". Chronic Poverty Research Centre. <http://www.chronicpoverty.org/uploads/publication_files/social-assistance-database-version-5.pdf>. Accessed 14 April 2020.

"Directing an intervention or policy instrument at a group that appears particularly vulnerable to a specific social problem, or to a particular problem. Often equated with selectivity and a focus on the poor".

Source: Kamerman, S. B. 2000. "Social Policy Glossary". Columbia School of Social Work. <https://socialwork.columbia.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/SOCIAL-POLICY-GLOSSARY.pdf>. Accessed 14 May 2020.