What is Social Protection?

Shock-responsive social protection

"Shock-responsive social protection is a term used to bring focus on shocks that affect a large proportion of the population simultaneously (covariate shocks). It encompasses the adaptation of routine social protection programmes and systems to cope with changes in context and demand following large-scale shocks. This can be ex ante by building shock-responsive systems, plans and partnerships in advance of a shock to better prepare for emergency response; or ex post, to support households once the shock has occurred. In this way, social protection can complement and support other emergency response interventions (...)."

Source: European Commission. 2019. "Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. A Game Changer in Supporting People through Crises". Tools and Methods Series No. 26. European Comission. <https://socialprotection.org/discover/publications/tools-and-methods-series-reference-document-no-26-social-protection-across>. Accessed 15 April 2020.