What is Social Protection?

Income generating activities

"The aim of an IGA (Income Generating Activities) is to produce for the market and furthermore it can be called micro or small-scale enterprise, whether it is managed at individual or group level. One of the main criteria to choose an IGA should be its profitability. (...) IGAs can be seen as the initiation phase in the progression to small business development. It is difficult to make the transition from being unemployed and lacking in skills to being self-employed and capable of managing a business operation. (...) The transition from a social welfare to a micro and small enterprise approach is reflected by a market-driven approach".

Source: Payeurs, S. 1996. "IV - Income generating activities (IGAs)" in: "Mission report: development of activities for women communities in Jordan and Syria". Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. <http://www.fao.org/3/x0206e/x0206e03.htm#P511_97831>. Accessed 12 June 2020.