What is Social Protection?

Horizontal expansion

"Social assistance programmes can temporarily include new, crisis-affected beneficiaries in an existing social protection programme. This option may involve extending the programme to more people in the same geographical area or an extension of the programme’s geographical coverage to areas affected by the crises but not in the footprint of the ‘regular’ programme. The expansion of the regular programme into new territories can be achieved through either a pre-screening of potential beneficiaries before a crisis event and/ or through an extraordinary enrolment campaign to rapidly enrol those who fit programme criteria and who have been affected, or a modification/relaxation of eligibility criteria to allow more people to benefit. While the most effective and rapid scale-ups have agreed a number of parameters ex ante, these are not prerequisites. Ideally, the parameters to be agreed ex ante are where the scale-up should take place, which households are to receive support through the programme, and what the (objective) triggers to authorise a scale-up will be."

Source: European Commission. 2019. "Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus: A Game Changer in Supporting People through Crises". Tools and Methods Series, No. 26. <https://europa.eu/capacity4dev/sp-nexus/documents/european-commission-2019-tools-and-methods-series-reference-document-no-26-social>. Accessed 12 June 2020.