What is Social Protection?

Government to person (G2P) payments

"G2P payments reach poor people primarily through two channels: (i) social transfers and (ii) payments to current and retired workers. Based on available data, we estimate a minimum of 170 million poor people receive a regular G2P payment globally. (...) G2P payments and social safety net (SSN) initiatives overlap (see Figure 1). Both target poor people with programs aimed at boosting consumption and reducing vulnerability. However, a large part of SSN outlays often go to noncash support, such as food distribution (e.g., school feeding programs), targeted price subsidies (e.g., India’s Public Distribution System, which sells US$3.1 billion in subsidized basic foodstuffs via 478,000 Fair Price Shops), and fee waivers for essential services, such as health and education. We do not include these noncash benefits in the definition of G2P payments."

Source: Pickens, M.; Porteous, D. and Rotman, S. 2009. “Banking the Poor via G2P Payments.” Focus Note 58. Washington, D.C.: CGAP. <https://www.cgap.org/sites/default/files/researches/documents/CGAP-Focus... Accessed 27 November 2020.