What is Social Protection?

General revenue health systems

"Out-of-pocket spending is the most frequent way to pay for health services around the world. However, as a share of the total value of global health spending, it is eclipsed by social insurance, private insurance and general taxation. These latter forms of payment provide better financial protection for households because they are "prepaid" and pool health risks across individuals. Of these prepaid financing mechanisms, general government revenues are the most widespread, providing substantial funding for health services in almost every country. In fact, government revenues are the predominant source for health care expenditures in 106 out of 191 WHO member countries.”

Source: Savedoff, W. 2004. “Tax-Based Financing for Health Systems: Options and Experiences”. Discussion paper n. 4. Geneva, World Health Organization. <https://www.who.int/health_financing/taxed_based_financing_dp_04_4.pdf>. Accessed 16 October 2020.