What is Social Protection?

Gender-responsive programming and policies

"Intentionally employing gender considerations to affect the design, implementation and results of programmes and policies. Gender-responsive programmes and policies reflect girls’ and women’s realities and needs, in components such as site selection, project staff, content, monitoring, etc. Gender-responsiveness means paying attention to the unique needs of females, valuing their perspectives, respecting their experiences, understanding developmental differences between girls and boys, women and men and ultimately empowering girls and women".

Source: United Nations Children's Fund. 2017. "Gender Equality: Glossary of terms and concepts". UNICEF. <https://www.unicef.org/rosa/sites/unicef.org.rosa/files/2018-06/Glossary%20of%20Gender%20Terms%20and%20Concepts%20UNICEF%20ROSA%20Nov%202017.pdf>. Accessed 26 October 2020.