What is Social Protection?


"An emergency response can be deliberately designed to align with another (actual or future) social protection programme or system. Where the country systems are not mature or do not penetrate across the entire country, there have been examples where humanitarian projects have been designed explicitly with the expectation that the projects could evolve and mature over time into fully fledged, national social protection systems (e.g. the Cadre Commun sur les Filets Sociaux in Mali, and the Urban Food Security programme in Kenya). This could be achieved through greater alignment of humanitarian interventions into something more predictable and ‘systemic’, or alignment of a response programme with an existing or future social protection programme, to facilitate potential integration and national ownership in the future."

Source: European Commission. 2019. "Tools and Methods Series Reference Document No. 26: Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. A Game Changer in Supporting People through Crises". Tools and methods series, No. 26. European Comission. <https://socialprotection.org/discover/publications/tools-and-methods-series-reference-document-no-26-social-protection-across>. Accessed 06 May 2020.