What is Social Protection?

Agriculture and rural development

“In the perspective of rural development, agriculture has a lead role to play in the economic welfare of a region due to its impact on different sectors: economic (income), social (employment, quality of life, health) and environmental (landscape, biodiversity, preservation of natural resources, and carbon sequestration), in addition to its importance as a provider of primary raw materials for the food and other industries (foodstuffs, fibres, bio-fuels, and timber).”

Source: FAO. 2006. "The Role of Agriculture and Rural Development in Revitalizing Abandoned/Depopulated Areas". ECA/34/06/2 (7 June 2006). <http://www.fao.org/publications/card/en/c/dd49ffaf-86d5-4d32-acef-9d80af7eb0d7/>. Accessed 06 May 2020.