“The selection of beneficiaries of a programme.” Source: Barrientos, A. et al (2010). ‘Social Assistance in Developing Countries Database’, Chronic Poverty Research Centre


“(…) social protection can be implemented alongside complementary training programmes, in order to promote employability and consumption smoothing simultaneously (…) Some programmes simply link training to social protection provision, while others create an integrated package of mutually reinforcing interventions to try to promote skills development, or make participation in training a criterion for transfer receipt (...) The common objective throughout these programmes is to intervene in such...

Transport subsidies

Transport subsidies can be defined as “all transport costs that are not covered by users, including all kinds of externalities, infrastructure costs or different regulation”. Source: European Environment Agency (2007). ‘Size, structure and distribution of transport subsidies in Europe’, EEA Technical Report, No 3/2007