Call for papers: Social Security in the time of Covid

The SSR Volume 1 was launched at a time when South Africa and other countries globally were confronted with the Covid-19 crisis, not known before, and tasked with responding to unprecedented socio-economic challenges. The latter brought to the fore existing inequalities and the risks of exacerbating these. This second edition, named “Social Security Review Volume 2: Social Security in the time of Covid”, seeks to inspire a deeper and richer interdisciplinary exploration of the intersection of the Covid-19 pandemic induced crisis with that of pre-existing challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. It seeks to uncover what they offer in respect of a compelling narrative of “building back better” as espoused in South Africa’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Programme (ERRP) and the “leaving no-one behind” promise reflected in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with social security hailed as instrumental to its realisation.