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Given the recurrent climate emergencies worldwide, the role of social protection in fostering resilience and mitigating associated risks  becomes even more fundamental. Explore how with our carefully curated content. Also, don’t miss the upcoming webinars and a new series on the Arab region. Read our blogs, explore publications, and listen to the final Indo-Pacific podcast series episode.
Upcoming Webinars
Building Resilient Futures: Social Protection and Climate Change

18 June 2024 | 14:00 (GMT+2)
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Equity in Health for All: Advancing Social Health Protection for Persons with Disabilities

27 June 2024 | 14:00 (GMT+2)
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Webinar series
Organised by the ILO Regional Office for the Arab States and the International Social Security Association (ISSA) with support from socialprotection.org, the webinar series Arab Social Protection Compass: Towards Integrated Approaches for Universal Social Protection spotlights reforms enhancing social protection integration in the Arab region. Engage with experts to inspire replication and scaling up of initiatives. The next session will be announced soon! Sign up to our webinar alert!
Social Protection Podcast
Indo-Pacific Podcast Series Ep.03 | The Future of Climate Change and Social Protection Responses—Listen to the final episode of the series ‘Emerging trends for Social Protection in the Indo-Pacific’. This part discusses how social protection systems should be redesigned and what changes are needed to respond to climate change in the region. Hit play and check out the other episodes of this podcast series!
UNICEF Data Warehouse | This database provides access to a wide range of data on the well-being of children and women globally. It has been designed to allow easy access to a variety of indicators across countries, with some datasets spanning back decades.
Discover additional recent publications curated by the socialprotection.org team
STAAR Explainer | STAAR Facility—Want to understand the intricacies of social protection systems? What are their elements and how do they relate to each other? Dive now into this infographic to discover the complexities of social protection systems and enhance your knowledge!
Academic Opportunities
Poverty and Development
University of Sussex | In-person | Apply by 31 August

Master of Arts Community Development and Social Protection
Pan Africa Christian University | In-person | Apply by 31 December 2024
Job Opportunities
International consultant to support the National Agency for Social Protection
UNICEF | Tashkent, Uzbekistan | Apply by 25 June 2024

Senior Advisor Social Protection and Cash Assistance
Action Contre La Faim, ACF | New York or Washington D.C. | Apply by June 30 2024
Embracing the Digital Future of Social Protection—The Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) invites you to share insights on how digital transformation can reshape social protection. Post here your ideas and case studies using the hashtags #DCI, #DigitalTransformationChallenge, and #SocialProtection! Top contributions will be featured in an upcoming DCI webinar. Click here and share your thoughts!
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Leveraging social protection for climate-induced risks and shocks
Recent heavy rains, floods, and extreme temperatures registered worldwide underscore the pressing need for social protection mechanisms to prevent and mitigate climate change-induced risks and shocks. Anticipatory cash transfers, food assistance, education for adaptation, and early warning systems can strengthen resilience. This global challenge requires commitment and collaboration!
Blog of the Month
Climate Change Social Protection and Migration—How the accelerating impacts of climate change are creating new challenges for social protection. It calls for rethinking the design and delivery of social protection systems. The lack of formal legal status for ‘climate migrants’ highlights the urgent need to define their rights to social security. Now is the time to address these issues to prepare for the future.
This blog was especially produced for our June newsletter by Anna McCord, Climate Technical Lead, STAAR; Climate Change and Social Protection Research Initiative (CCASP) Lead; Senior Research Associate, ODI
Emerging risks from climate change: exploring the role and extent of climate-resilient social protection—We’ve seen climate extremes like record heat waves in Bangladesh and India, catastrophic floods in Brazil, and severe drought in Southern Africa. These trends highlight the urgent need for comprehensive climate risk management and action.
This blog was especially produced for our June newsletter by Cecilia Costella (Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente & Climate and Energy Response Facility, RVO, Netherlands) and Abhinav Banthiya (Columbia Climate School, Columbia University, New York, USA)
Browse additional publications on Climate-change and Social Protection,curated by the socialprotection.org team.
Programme Profile
Adaptive Safety Net Project 2 | Niger—This programme aims to help poor and vulnerable people by improving the system's ability to respond to shocks. It has two main parts: Cash Transfers and Support, that includes direct and emergency cash transfers, additional support, and cash for work programmes, that provide extra income to communities hit by food insecurity due to weather and climate-related issues. Explore this programme!
Managing climate risks through social protection | FAO—Why link social protection to climate-risk management? How can it contribute to inclusive strategies? This course explores the integration of social protection and climate risk management, focusing on vulnerable rural communities.

Gender-responsive social protection for gender equality and climate resilience | CGIAR—This presentation on the PROTECT work package showcases an ethnographic study from Bangladesh suggesting that gender-responsive social protection, paired with livelihood and disaster resistance training, promotes short-term coping during climate events and enhances women's longer-term adaptation and climate resilience. Access here!

Past Webinars

Access a comprehensive collection of past webinars, including their recordings and presentations, focused on social protection and climate-induced risks and shocks. Explore various topics and case studies that illustrate effective approaches to integrating social protection with climate resilience efforts. Watch now!

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