Welcome to our January Newsletter!
In this issue of our monthly newsletter, we will look back at the most relevant content we shared last year. It is a retrospective of a period that brough us many challenges, but it was also very important to encourage discussions and promote improvements on social protection systems worldwide. This selection of content focused on social protection responses to COVID-19, but not exclusively. Other relevant resources for the global social protection community can also be found in the links below. We hope it inspires you and gives you some insights into the future of social protection.
Upcoming Webinars
The social contract and the role of social protection in building trust in government and strengthening the nation-state
Development Pathways | Act Church of Sweden

14 January
13:00 (GMT)

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Past Webinars
In 2020, socialprotection.org hosted 67 webinars including the ones in the Social Protection Responses to COVID-19 Series. In this issue, we highlight a few of our most watched webinars. To learn more about one of our platform's key features, watch this short video and navigate through our webinars booklet.
Linking Social Protection and humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) – what do we really know and where to start? Findings from the CaLP commissioned high level briefing paper at the time of COVID-19

21 May 2020
The ‘Social protection responses to COVID-19 Webinar Series’, organized with IPC-IG, DFAT and GIZ, was designed to explore the whole of social protection in response to the social and economic impacts caused by the pandemic. Access the sessions recordings and presentations here
Due to the social distancing measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many events were held online during 2020. In order to attend to this increasing demand and also to host our first conference, socialprotection.org created a new section on the platform.
Extending social protection to migrant workers in Africa: a South-South Virtual Conference

Organised by ILO, it brough together a community of practice to explore good practices to extend social protection to migrant workers in the context of COVID-19.
Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: What’s next for social protection?

Organised by socialprotection.org, in collaboration with IPC-IG, DFAT and GIZ, and the support of SPACE, it provided a global and open space for knowledge sharing on responses to COVID-19, and to discuss the future of social protection in a post-pandemic scenario.
2020 was a great year for e-learning opportunities and socialprotection.org invested in new courses for its members. Below, we highlight the courses launched on the platform last year.
Poverty Analysis to achieve SDGs 1 and 2
The course focuses on strengthening capacity in the use of rural poverty analysis. It covers the multiple and inter-sectoral elements to support policy and programme design and implementation in towards eradicating poverty and hunger sub-Saharan African countries.
What is Social Protection? An introduction*
This course introduces the concept of social protection by discussing how it has changed over time, presenting different conceptual approaches and existing definitions and, finally, discussing how social protection cuts across other policies.
Social protection programmes*
This self-paced course introduces different types of social protection programmes and their main design features. It also discusses how these programmes can be classified under the main instruments of social protection.
*both courses are part of the micro-course series on Social Protection Fundamentals and Topics
Last year, we also hosted the 5th and 6th run of the e-Transform course, with the first being dedicated to members of African training institutions. Following up on their success, the 7th run of the course will start soon.
Social Protection Topic Guide
DFID | IDS | University of Birmingham
From our blogs section, we highlight the ‘Social Protection in Latin America blog series’, by Gilbran-Cruz Martinez, Armando Barrientos and Joan Miguel Tejedor, and the ‘What’s next for Social Protection?' blog series which compiles the discussions of the side-events held throughout socialprotection.org's global e-Conference 'Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: What’s next for social protection?'.
Also, in the past year, ILO launched the World Social Protection Data Dashboards. A digital tool aimed at providing in depth country-level statistics on various dimensions of social protection systems. A virtual launch was held to familiarize users with the features and functionalities of the dashboards. The recording of the launch and the materials used are available here.
Job Opportunities
Programme Police Officer (Social Protection)
WFP | Kigali, Rwanda | Deadline: 18 January
Roster of local consultants in the Social and Economic Policy Unit at the Office of Research – Innocenti
Unicef | Florence, Italy | Deadline: 07 March
Online Communities
Below, we have compiled some of the Online Communities (OC) that showed greater activity in the last year.