Inequality and Redistribution: Taxes and Transfers


In the developing world, the impetus towards expanding social protection over the last twenty years has generated concern over the sustainable financing of these programmes and systems. Though social protection spending in Low and Middle income countries has increased over this period, these countries still have space for increasing their expenditure and revenues through taxation. What's more, international development agencies are putting financing at the center of the debate.

The growing interest of practitioners combined with a context of global economic slowdown has resulted in the need for more evidence-based research and knowledge sharing opportunities in the area of financing social protection. Therefore, the IPC-IG & HelpAge International’s Fiscal Space for Social Protection: Knowledge Sharing Initiative aims to contribute in these efforts towards realising fiscally sustainable social protection systems.


  • Key Speaker: Michael Hanni (Associate Economic Affairs Officer, ECLAC)
  • Discussant: Rodrigo Octávio Orair (Researcher, Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA), Brazil and Associate Researcher, the IPC-IG)


This webinar was the first of the Fiscal space for social protection: knowledge sharing initiative Series, which was organized by IPC-IG and HelpAge International. Please join the Fiscal space for social protection: knowledge sharing initiative Community if you are interested in following the most recent discussions on the topic.