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Self-paced course
Mercy Corps
Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation

Implementing a Successful Voucher Program

In this 55-minute curriculum, you will explore the best practices for planning, designing and implementing a successful voucher program in a humanitarian crisis situation. There is an emerging body of evidence that shows vouchers are better than direct pre-packaged nonfood item (NFI) distributions because it gives people a greater choice and voice in buying the items they need.
Learn the key steps and process to designing a successful voucher program in the Introduction to Vouchers course. Then, practice what you have learned by implementing a voucher program in a humanitarian crisis situation through an interactive online simulation. The simulation will take you through a series of scenarios and decisions on how to plan and launch your voucher program from start to finish. As you make each of your decisions in the simulation, you will receive immediate feedback and see how it affects the overall health of your voucher program through the “Voucher Program Health Meter”.


  • Identify the monitoring and evaluation requirements for a voucher distribution program.
  • Identify voucher program participants.
  • Select a voucher type and an adequate number of vendors to provide participants with maximum choice.
  • Design fraud-resistant vouchers that are easy to use and monitor.
  • Plan and conduct effective training for participants and vendors.
  • Plan and outline the key internal and external steps and documentation for a smooth voucher distribution.
  • Identify possible issues and mitigation techniques for a successful voucher redemption process.
  • Identify the process and documents essential for the voucher reconciliation and vendor reimbursement.

This course was developed by the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation in collaboration with Mercy Corps.