How Can Social Protection Programmes Protect Women’s Right to Work?


Social protection policies and programmes have in most instances incorporated gender sensitive features in design, implementation and evaluation. Indeed, gendering social protection is a well-travelled terrain. Despite which, women’s right to work as a vehicle for the delivery of social protection and as a pathway out of need is not a universally accepted approach.

This webinar has discussed the ways in which social protection can enable women to work either by providing suitable and gender-sensitive work or by enabling working women to access transfers and payments. It discussed labour-intensive employment, cash and asset transfer programs where the cultural and contextual meaning of gender roles and rights have enabled a more effective delivery of social protection. The webinar also addressed the question of women’s economic empowerment through social protection and engage with the importance of understanding the lives of women and men so as to be able to realize gender justice ends through social protection means.


Hania Sholkamy, Associate Research Professor, American University in Cairo’s Social Research Centre


Lea Derr, Advisor, Global Programme Global Alliances for Social Protection