Catégorie du cours: 
Instructor-led course
Course start date: 
20 juin, 2022 (Jour entier)
Seasoned Development Solutions

Social Protection and Safety Nets training


Social protection is a subset of public actions that help address risk, vulnerability, and chronic poverty. Social transfers and social services are long-term investments. They carry lifetime benefits and high individual and social returns. Social protection aims at ensuring groups and individuals live a fulfilling life, taking into consideration the role of the state in facilitating this, and the vulnerabilities of particular groups or individuals. As a set of policies, social protection consists of interventions that address vulnerabilities and factors which hinder a group or individual’s capacity to enjoy a fulfilling life.

The training on social protection and safety nets will introduce some of the best literature on the understandings and types of social protection, the design and implementation problems to be considered, the potential for mainstreaming other development concerns into social protection programming, and the major debates both the donor and academic arenas.

Training duration: 5 days

Training Objectives

The training aims at aiding in the understanding of:

  • Basics of social protection
  • Types of social protection
  • Design and implementation of social protection systems
  • Donor approaches to social protection
  • Social Protection Case study: Kenya

** Please note that the e-course described in this page is not free. **