Previous programme name (if any)
Composantes du programme
Complementary activities are: deworming; good grooming and personal hygiene checks; integration of the policy on health care promotion and washing in schools; Gulayan sa Paaralan/School Garden Programme; waste sorting and composting; productivity, and life and values development training.
Conditionalities (if any)
Contribution type and amount
Méthodes de ciblage
Categorical Targeting
Régions ciblées
Groupes cibles
Critère d'éligibilité
All severely wasted (SW) or wasted (W) students from kindergarten to grade 6 are eligible. These classifications are assessed based on a yearly nutritional assessment, anchored in the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Child Growth Standards (CGS). SW are children whose Body Mass Index (BMI) falls below -3 z-score line and W are children with a BMI between -2 and -3.
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Type de bénéfices
Fréquence de paiement/livraison
Bénéficiaires de prestations
Mécanismes et fréquence de suivi et évaluation
Progress monitoring processes are laid out from the school to the national level. Progress reports should be presented by schools monthly or quarterly. An evaluation of the programme should be conducted during the first quarter of each year.
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