Tying the digital knots: Social protection in practice

29 Août, 2018 - 30 Août, 2018

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At the upcoming conference Tying the digital knots, on 14th September 2018 in Bonn, Germany, development practitioners, digital experts, policymakers, donors and researchers will help to shape a vision for the future of digital social protection. The purpose of the conference is to unpack opportunities and challenges for a greater use of digital solutions in integrated data management in social protection; and to identify ways forward that maximize opportunities and address challenges. We will seek to develop a road map setting out the building blocks needed to maximise integrated data management in social protection. For more details please visit the conference website.


In preparation for the conference and to the development of the roadmap, we are interested in your experience and knowledge on barriers and opportunities for a greater use of digital solutions for integrated data management in social protection, as well as on any work you would be undertaking to lift those barriers and maximise those opportunities.


This survey shall not take more than 10 min.


We thank you in advance!

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