TRANSFORM Facilitation Experience

26 Novembre, 2018

[This survey is closed]


Two things to consider when answering the questions below:

a) Please consider all aspects of conducting a ‘live learning’ TRANSFORM curriculum when you answer the questions below. By all aspects we mean:

  • The preparation phase
  • The communication between all stakeholders (participants, facilitators, TRANSFORM secretariat, event co-ordinator etc) before, during and after the event
  • The activities in the curriculum
  • The lectures in the curriculum
  • The process i.e. the flow of the lectures and activities
  • Integration of the L&T components
  • Administration during the event
  • Follow up post the event e.g. reporting, measuring impact, ongoing communication with participants, etc

b) We are looking more for high level suggestions as opposed to minute detail suggestions. Having said that, please add detail to your high-level suggestions. For example, if an answer under ‘what’s not working’ is that there is never enough time to facilitate everything, perhaps you might go on to say how you manage this problem e.g. which activities or lectures you tend to leave out as a result or that you start earlier etc.


Please, provide your answers by December 9.

This survey is no longer available. In case of doubts please contact our team at [email protected]