Starting date:
Frévrier, 2023

Call for submissions: Use and application of CFS policy recommendations on price volatility and food security, and social protection for food security and nutrition

A stocktaking event is planned to be held in October 2023 during CFS 51 Plenary Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) to monitor the use and application of the following CFS policy recommendations:

  • Set 1: Price Volatility and Food Security (endorsed in 2011, CFS 37)
  • Set 2: Social Protection for Food Security & Nutrition  (endorsed in 2012, CFS 39)

How to take part in this Call for Submissions

To inform this stocktaking exercise on the use and application of the aforementioned two sets of policy recommendations.  The CFS invites you to share your experience(s) using the following templates for each contribution as relevant:

  1. The Form for reporting “individual” experiences in applying the two sets of policy recommendations by one group of stakeholders (e.g. a member state, civil society, or the private sector);
  2. The Form (namely for event organizers) to share the results of multi-stakeholder events organized at national, regional and global levels to discuss experiences and good practices in applying the two sets of policy recommendations.

Note that you are invited to complete, as relevant, any of the two forms most appropriate to your experience, and/or to submit multiple (of the relevant) forms, respectively, in case you have had multiple experiences. Submissions can be made in any of the UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish). Submissions should be strictly limited to 1,000 Words.


CFS has consistently encouraged stakeholders to voluntarily share their experiences and good practices in applying CFS policy products through reporting individual (direct) experiences by one group of stakeholders or through reporting the results of multi-stakeholder consultations or events (organized to discuss experiences) by several groups of stakeholders.