Catégorie du cours: 
Instructor-led course
Course start date: 
6 Mars, 2023 (Jour entier)

E-Learning on Digital Transformation in Social Protection

Introduction to the course

A solid and efficient use of data and technological innovation are crucial to improve the efficiency of social security institutions, especially nowadays, in an always increasingly digitalized world. In such context, this course is designed to develop and improve the skills of social protection experts and practitioners in the implementation, reform and governance of digital transformation of their institutions. The principal aim will be to impart the skills required to analyse the current system of their institutions and find practical solutions to improve it through the creation and application of digital solutions and mechanisms.

Who attends this course?

This course is targeted at social protection experts, practitioners, managers and executives from social protection institutions, ministries, international organizations, social partners and civil society who are tasked with the digitalisation and in the management of the information system of the institutions they are working for. Participants from ISSA member institutions will benefit from a special course fee.

What will I learn?
  • Foundations of digital transformations, benefits and challenges
  • Digital transformation and social security
  • Business models and the schemes to adapt them to a digital world
  • Big data and how they can be used as a strategic asset
  • Digital transformation strategies, recent technological trends and developments
  • Digital transformation, management and governance of social security institutions
  • Your way to digital: how to transform your social security institution


** Please note that the e-course described in this page is not free. **