We Have the Data Let’s Use It Better: Pushing the Boundaries of Social Protection Administrative Data Analysis and Use

The paper explores the transformative potential of administrative data (this encompasses a range of data such as civil registries, tax and financial information, health data, etc.) in the social protection sector. It delves into how this data, routinely collected during public service interactions, can extend beyond its immediate operational use of identifying and supporting vulnerable groups and help for decision-making processes, particularly through strategic analysis and linking with other data sources. The study is underpinned by extensive literature reviews, key informant interviews, and insights from a diverse range of institutions, coordinated through the Social Protection Inter-Agency Coordination Board (SPIAC-B).

Key Highlights:

  • The study highlights innovative analytical and statistical applications of administrative data in social protection, beyond routine operations and service delivery.
  • It emphasizes the importance of leveraging this data for informed policymaking and decision-making, particularly in understanding poverty, vulnerability, social mobility, and the impact of government social protection policies and programs.
  • The research covers a spectrum of analyses relevant at both the programmatic and system levels, integrating examples from various economic contexts.