Umbrellas for all: A guide for social protection tools and programmes

In a world of mounting income and wealth inequalities, roaring with social justice movements and protests and witnessing the birth of alternative economic paradigms, Umbrellas for All is a guide providing various definitions for the concept of social protection and presents all the systems, programs and tools used around the world for different types of social protection. This guide could be used as a comparative baseline to identify the prospective optimal situation in every country. It also provides suggestions for those aiming to fill the gaps in the existing protection systems. The guide targets decision-makers, legislators, parties, civil society organisations, popular and labour movements, and the media. Definitions of social protection programmes and tools, in this guide, may be read based on the classification of their types in terms of universality/ targeting or based on the appropriate social protection type for women and for every age group. Last but not least, how to finance these programmes and systems. There are two big labels under this question: Contributory systems and non-contributory. Contributory benefits are awarded to people who have paid a minimum amount of contributions (a premium). This basic principle is also known as ‘social insurance’, which describes a wide range of different models used internationally.