Special Financial Incentive Schemes for the Girl Child in India: A Review of Select Schemes

Through a desk-review and interaction with government officials and NGOs, this study examines operational aspects of fifteen selected girl child promotion schemes across the states and gathers first impressions regarding the performance of these schemes. These promotional schemes for girl child could potentially have far reaching positive implications in enhancing the value of a daughter within a family. Therefore financial constraints should not come in the way of implementation of such initiatives. It is interesting to note that most state governments took pride in implementing the schemes and publicizing them as one of their major achievements. It was felt that enhancing the cash incentives, simplifying the registration procedures and perhaps minimizing the number of conditionalities would make these schemes more attractive. The multiplicity of outcomes expected to be achieved by a single scheme, is likely to lead to a somewhat diffused focus in achieving the original objective behind the provision of incentives i.e. change in the perceived value of daughters in the eyes of the family. This study was commissioned by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).