Social Protection Committee Annual Report 2023

The annual report by the Social Protection Committee examines the social situation and developments in social protection policies across the EU. This year’s report focuses on the energy and cost of living crisis. Based on a set of key indicators and thematic work, the report indicates that despite economic growth slowing down over 2022 in the EU - after the launch of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine - employment continued to expand and the level of poverty and social exclusion remained broadly stable at EU level, at 21.6% of the population in 2022 (compared to 21.7% in 2021). At the same time, price rises had a negative impact on households’ purchasing power, especially for lower income families, and this is reflected in a slight rise in material and social deprivation in Europe. The report focuses in particular on taking stock of the existing and exceptional measures of the Member States in facing the energy and cost of living crisis.