Real Utopias for a Social Europe: Universal Benefits

Real Utopias for a Social Europe consists of technical debate-type workshops on various bold and innovative social policy proposals. Leading policy experts will come together to assess and discuss these policy proposals’ feasibility, distributional impact, costs, and scalability through evidence based on pilots and field experiments, microsimulation studies, actual policy experiences and other empirical research designs. The objective is to bolster a hive mind that can provide rigorous and creative tools to tackle growing socioeconomic inequalities in the context of major social and economic transformations ahead.

The first workshop in the series addressed two types of universal benefits, namely universal inheritance (UI) and universal basic income (UBI). This high-level event, with more than 40 participants, broughttogether 30 high-profile international experts on different aspects ofsuch policies. This workshop closely fits the European Commission’s priority of dealing with an economy that works for people.