Locally-Led Responses to Cash and Voucher Assistance in the Middle East and North Africa: Barriers, progress and opportunities (Executive Summary)

While the Grand Bargain 2016 indicated an international commitment to locally-led response in humanitarian aid, few advancements, in both policy and action, have been made towards localization. With attention to locally-led response in cash and voucher assistance (CVA), this research aims to understand the barriers, progress and opportunities to locally-led CVA in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

This qualitative research study used secondary data sources including 28 key policies and literature documents, with primary data collected through interviews 35 local and international actors from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), Syria, Türkiye and Yemen. The research highlights moments of tension between the reported commitment of the humanitarian sector towards localization and the actual steps implemented to advance locally-led CVA. Subsequently, recommendations emphasize the responsibilities of the sector in order to expand locally-led approaches in an inclusive and practical way.