JSLU, JSPACA, PKSA Cash and In-kind Transfers for at-risk youth, the disabled, and vulnerable elderly

The Government of Indonesia’s Pro-Poor development initiatives, international agreements and domestic laws and regulations, and considerable experience delivering more general social assistance programs led to the creation of cash transfers for these historically neglected and difficult-to-reach groups. These programs – Jaminan Sosial Lanjut Usia (JSLU), Jaminan Sosial Paca Berat (JSPACA), and Program Kesejahteraan Sosial Anak (PKSA) for the elderly, disabled, and youth respectively – transfer cash directly to beneficiaries. 

Estimates of eligible and targeted populations for these programs are not definitive, but overall coverage and budgeted recipients in these pilot initiatives remain quite small. Outreach and facilitation are included with the cash transfer in all programs, but the capacity to effectively deliver these elements varies widely between regions; furthermore, budgets for these activities are limited and depend on local-level support and cooperation. To be effective for the target populations – who are neglected, unable to rely on a support network of friends, family, and community members, and confronting serious daily risks to well-being – these cash transfers need reform.