Integrating Cash Assistance into Gender-based Violence Case Management: Learnings from Colombia, Ecuador, and Northwest Syria

In 2020-2022, WRC partnered with CARE in three locations, Ecuador, Colombia and Syria, to better understand the use of CVA in GBV case management. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, WRC and CARE worked with three Ecuadorian organizations to strengthen the capacity of GBV service providers to use CVA within case management in response to intimate partner violence for migrant, refugee, and local populations. In Colombia and Syria, WRC and CARE partnered with South Africa Medical Research Council and a local organization in each country to understand the potential of integrating CVA into GBV case management for comprehensive support to GBV survivors in humanitarian emergencies. In each location, participants were separated into two groups, one that received cash in addition to GBV case management, and another that received GBV case management alone without cash assistance. After several months in the program, WRC compared the changes over time between the two groups to understand how the cash assistance affected participants’ protection from GBV.