An IFAD Sustainable Livelihoods Framework

While the diagrammatic representation of the SL framework is by no means the most important element in the SL Approach, it plays an important role as a “point of first entry” for development practitioners being exposed to the approach for the first time. It is also a vital tool for facilitators involved in supporting or training development practitioners. The framework used, and the key elements within it, shape people’s perceptions of SL in the medium-term and it is therefore important that the framework used be as effective, and complete, as possible. The framework presented here attempts to develop on the original SL framework, make it more “people-centred”, more complete in its coverage of key elements affecting people’s livelihoods, and more expressive of the principle issues that the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach aims to address. In particular it provides users with a more accessible means of understanding and analysing policies, institutions and processes (the “PIP box”) and emphasises the central importance of linkages between different elements in the framework. It thus aims to provide facilitators of Sustainable Livelihoods analysis with an improved set of tools to support this process.