How vocational education and training (VET) systems can support Ukraine: Lessons from past crises

Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine has led to the most important humanitarian crisis in the OECD area since World War II, affecting millions of people and a severe economic, social and educational shock of uncertain duration and magnitude. This policy brief discusses how VET systems in host countries can become more inclusive and supportive of Ukrainians displaced by Russia’s large-scale aggression, building on OECD work on VET for young refugees, an analysis of VET in Ukraine, and first policy responses to the current crisis. It is the result of a joint effort of the OECD Centre for Skills, the Directorate for Education and Skills, and the Directorate for Employment Labour and Social Affairs. Ukraine has strong VET provision at upper secondary level, and young people have strong interests in occupations which are commonly entered through VET. This policy brief argues that providing VET in host countries can be key in valuing and further building the skills of refugees from Ukraine, to the benefit of the Ukrainians concerned, host country labour markets, and for the rebuilding of Ukraine.