Guideline for developing Interoperable Social Protection programs

This technical paper presents approaches and guidelines to building interoperable Social Protection systems in a systematic and standardised way. These approaches would enable project managers and practitioners to interconnect Social Protection business processes and components already defined in various reference works in the area (Chirchir & Barca, 2020) (Lindert et al., 2020) (ILO, SWS, 2015) starting at the business process level.

The proposed guidelines aim to constitute a practical tool for practitioners, project managers and facilitate the implementation of integrated Social Protection Information Systems with distributed components through interoperability techniques and leveraging compatibility with mainstream models/approaches for implementing Social Protection programmes The idea is to enable project managers to define the interconnections at a business level (i.e. business-oriented or Organisational Interoperability). At the same time, developers would focus on the implementation aspects involving Technical interoperability techniques. For that, the paper presents differentiated business and technical interoperability perspectives.