G20 Policy for Health Systems: Promoting Holistic Outcomes and Addressing Vulnerabilities in Healthcare

Promoting holistic outcomes in health is a crucial imperative for healthcare systems globally, including those in the G20 nations. This approach encompasses not only addressing physical health concerns but also acknowledging the social, emotional, and economic factors that profoundly influence an individual’s overall well-being. Low-income and marginalised communities are particularly vulnerable to poor health outcomes. These groups often have limited access to healthcare services and face a range of social determinants of health that can negatively impact their physical and mental well-being. This policy brief discusses key issues concerning fragmented health systems within the G20. It offers actionable recommendations to confront these challenges and improve holistic health outcomes, with particular emphasis on uplifting vulnerable communities. The brief argues that the promotion of holistic outcomes in health for vulnerable communities is a complex and ongoing task that requires collaboration between healthcare providers, community organisations, and policymakers.