Financing Projects for Improving Climate Change Resilience: The Cases of Djibouti and Yemen

It has been argued that the international community could play an essential role in providing the necessary and adequate assistance to countries suffering from the negative consequences of climate change. Indeed, financing climate change projects represents one of the solutions that is currently being used by international organizations. As such, global donors are involved in multiple investments containing funding for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects. On the adaptation side, the focus is on increasing the resiliency of specific communities worldwide through the implementation of projects that are tailored to the needs and circumstances of each community. However, the countries in which these communities are located are either suffering from a state of underdevelopment or are having armed conflicts. One could mention, for instance, the projects that are being implemented in countries like Djibouti and Yemen where the communities are highly vulnerable to the effects of global warming. This chapter aims at analyzing whether climate change projects financed by the international community have contributed to the improvement of climate resilience of specific communities taking Djibouti and Yemen as case studies. This chapter is proposing concrete solutions for further developing climate resilience through projects financed for adaptation purposes.