Enhancing resilience and restoring agricultural productive capacity and food security through social protection in Indonesia

Emergency assistance for post-earthquake and tsunami recovery through cash assistance in Central Sulawesi

In 2018, a series of earthquakes struck Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi Province, which is a major agricultural production centre in the country. The earthquakes triggered a tsunami and caused landslides with considerable damage and loss of life. Damages to the agricultural sector accounted alone for 40 percent of the total.

In the context of the severe impacts of this event, FAO delivered cash assistance, seeds and fertilizer to nearly 12 000 farming and fishing households through the national Family Hope social protection programme. More specifically, the project partnered with the government’s National Agency for Development Planning to leverage the programme's beneficiaries list and its cash delivery mechanism. The intervention aimed to address food insecurity, loss of livelihoods and destruction of agricultural and fishing assets, with particular attention to the needs of pregnant and lactating mothers with children under 5 years of age.

This social protection and resilience promising practice fact sheet documents the design and implementation of this emergency support intervention and its effectiveness in addressing immediate nutritional needs and restoring food production and livelihoods after the earthquake, while also strengthening community resilience to shocks.