Energy Subsidy Reform in Action: Political Economy Analysis and Communications for Energy Subsidy Reform - Approaches and Insights from Recent Technical Assistance

This report takes stock of political economy analysis (PEA) and communications inthe context of country-specific technical assistance activities supporting energysubsidy reforms that benefited from financial and technical support from ESMAP.Initiated as part of a retrospective assessment of technical assistance activities that ESRFhas supported since its establishment, this report reviews designs and implementationapproaches of World Bank–executed technical assistance activities. The assessment isbased on a qualitative review of key outputs of select PEA and communications supportactivities carried out in the context of country grants. The report documents differentapproaches, assesses activity designs and outputs, and attempts to draw insights fromemerging practices and substantive findings, along with making recommendations forfuture work. Key questions include, What practical approaches are used for providing technical and advisory support to developing-country governments for political economy assessmentsand communications strategies in support of energy subsidy reform efforts What good practiceexamples are available for assessing political economy dimensions, using them to inform reformdesigns by addressing key impacts and concerns identified and conducting meaningful stakeholder engagement to explain the reform and build support