COVID-19 rapid needs assessment of older people - Gambella, Ethiopia – August 2020

Among the most vulnerable groups, older persons face a disproportionate risk on many levels. They are at risk of complications and death by COVID-19, especially those who are suffering with long-term health problems such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, joint ache and pains, gastrointestinal disease, skin disease, mental disorders, serious injuries, heart and respiratory problems and others. Many older persons are also suffering from higher rates of physical and cognitive disabilities such as visual impairments, hearing disabilities, dementia and others. Hence, these and other concerns of older people, people with disabilities and their families, require all humanitarian and government actors to have a special focus on the above-mentioned targeted groups, while implementing the multi-sectoral responses to prevent the pandemic. HelpAge international decided to conduct COVID-19 Rapid Needs Assessments in all its intervention areas. This COVID-19 RNA was conducted in Gambella, specifically Pugnido and Ngyueiyyiel Refugee Camps.