COVID-19 rapid needs assessment of older people (Cambodia)

Recently, the Cambodian government has taken quite a lot of preparedness and responsive actions, including providing social assistance to the most vulnerable people. In late May, the government introduced a cash transfer scheme which is a part of social assistant programme to the families with ID poor cards. Even though it is good news for the people with ID poor cards, the programme seems to have limited coverage due to errors in the identification process. Cambodia has 1.3 million older people, the majority (84%) of which are living in rural areas where the health system is weak. Over 70% of older people are reported as poor but only 8% of them are under the ID poor scheme of the government. Many of these older people do not have proper income—most of them are reliant on income from their children who are currently being negatively affected by the economic fallout caused by COVID-19. To assess the challenges facing older people and to inform programming and policy decisions, HelpAge Cambodia conducted a multi-sector Rapid Needs Assessment in May 2020.