Connecting the Dots: Toward a Social Protection Interoperability Framework in Fiji

This technical brief has been developed by the World Bank’s Fiji Social Protection and Jobs team1 on the basis of a report titled “An Assessment of Fiji’s Social Protection and Labor Market Information Systems and Potential for Interoperability and Integration – A Proposal for a Social Protection Interoperability and e-Services Provisioning Framework”, prepared as part of the Bank’s “Supporting Adaptive and Gender-smart Social Protection in Fiji” advisory service and analytical program. The report has been developed with the generous support provided by Round 18 of the Rapid Social Response Program funded by the Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation without which this work would not have been possible. The task aims to support capacity development within the Government of Fiji by supporting digital solutions (i.e., promoting interoperability of social protection registries and information systems) to enhance effectiveness and shock-responsiveness, to be implemented under the Fiji Social Protection COVID-19 Response and System Development Project.