Calculating the GHG footprint of Minimum Expenditure Baskets

In early 2021, Action Against Hunger (ACF) France launched a GHG emissions assessment with other members of the Humanitarian Environment Network (REH). The scope of accounting target all emissions, and very quickly some activities, which can generate considerable variability in the results, are identified. Among these, one item seems to represent more than 20% of ACF-France’s overall emissions, and which had gone “hidden” until now: cash transfers. For certain types of cash flow, such as activities using cash transfers (CT), there are no reliable, recognized emission factors, nor are there any identified ways of reducing these emissions. At ACF, however, they can represent up to 25 million euros. It therefore seems essential to identify ways of reducing this footprint, in order to significantly reduce the organization's overall emissions. This study responds to the need to estimate the GHG footprint of activities using cash transfers in ACF’s main areas of intervention, and seeks to identify the next steps that can be taken to design concrete actions to reduce this footprint.