Basic Needs Assessment Guidance and Toolbox Part 1: Background and Concepts

This document together with Part 2, constitute the final draft of the Basic Needs Assessment (BNA) Guidance and Toolbox, commissioned by Save the Children within the broader framework of the Consortium for the uptake of quality, collaborative multipurpose grants (MPGs). The Consortium was operative from May 2016 until April 2018; it was led by Save the Children and formed of the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), Mercy Corps, and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The BNA Guidance and Toolbox has been developed by Okular-Analytics, with the technical support and supervision from Save the Children, through a highly consultative process involving many experts from a wide range of agencies and groups, at the global and the country level. The variety of actors that were brought into the process was intended to ensure that the Guidance and Toolbox would be cross-sectoral, that it would not duplicate previous efforts, and that it would draw from the wealth of experience and knowledge of experts from different disciplines, including cash transfer programming.