An analysis of how Millennials view social security

Objective: To identify and analyze how Millennials view social security.

Methodology: A survey consisting of a 21- question structured questionnaire developed on the LimeSurvey® tool and sent to approximately 15 thousand people from all regions of age group of this generation. The non-parametric Chi-Square test was performed for each question in the structured questionnaire to verify differences in the evaluation of the control variables.

Results: Contrary to the analyzed study bases, most Brazilian Millennials in the survey think or are concerned about their retirement. One hypothesis based on the research findings is that Millennials are concerned about their retirements and believe that achieving a secure retirement will be a very complicated task in the future. Despite the low number of supplementary pensions among Millennials, most claim to have a high level of interest in it, and contribute to the literature on the subject.

Study contributions: In addition to furthering the understanding of how Millennials deal with social security, this study can contribute to the development of public policies aimed at educating young people on social security.