Accessing Social Protection in Iraq: Mapping of Programs and Analysis of Barriers

Through NorCap/CashCap and IHF support, and with the collaboration of the Iraq Cash Forum, Action Against Hunger led on a survey called Accessing social protection in Iraq: mapping programmes and analysis of barriers. ACF would like to acknowledge the contribution from partners who supported this research with data collection, including People in Need (PIN), Sorouh for Sustainable Development Foundation (SSDF), Women Empowerment Organization (WEO), Aid Gate Organization (AGO) and Youth Activity Organisation (YAO). Through a comprehensive analysis of insights from the community, the study seeks to identify the key challenges and barriers faced by different population groups in accessing these programmes. The findings of this research will help policymakers and stakeholders to better understand the issues faced by the communities we work with and inform the development of more effective, inclusive, and accessible social protection interventions in Iraq.