Dernière mise à jour: 07/6/2024

Informations de base

Groupe de population
Poor households, Women

Détails du programme

Objectifs du programme

To expand coverage of cash transfers to the poor, respond to shocks, financially include female beneficiaries through mobile money and savings accounts,

and provide accompanying health measures, underpinned by interoperable delivery systems. It aims to cover 25 percent of the population or 50 percent of the poor (and cumulatively cover 100 percent of extreme poor). By expanding support to poor households, the new flagship program aims at smoothing household consumption, diversifying their livelihoods and providing a path to higher earnings and increased resilience to climate shocks and to improve the situation of women and girls.

The Program will cover four cohorts of 110,000 households each, for a total of 440,000 households supported each for 18 months. Cash transfer program for the extreme poor aims to reach 1.8 million extremely poor individuals cumulatively by the end of the program. In addition, the shock responsive element will create institutional framework, procedures and financial vehicle to cover cumulatively 250,000 households exposed to shocks during the Program implementation.

Ciblage et éligibilité

Critère d'éligibilité
To qualify for benefits underGIVEDIRECT-NOVISSI (a prototype of ASTRE employed during COVID-19 pandamic), applicants must: – Have a valid voter’s card, issued by a polling station located in the eligible cantons, – Register by dialling *855#, selecting option 2 “Register for GIVEDIRECT-NOVISSI” and then following the on-screen prompts. – Be recognised as a vulnerable individual by GiveDirectly’s teams working with researchers to identify the most vulnerable people in communities across Togo.

Couverture et autres informations

Montant des bénéfices
Proposed: 8,170 FCFA per month for female beneficiaries versus 7,000 FCFA for males. To provide additional incentives for individual savings, the program will match every FCFA saved by the participants with one FCFA provided by the program budget, with a matching grant up to 1,170 FCFA per month for 18 months.
Mécanisme de versement des bénéfices
Mobile money: by distributing about 50,000 mobile smart phones and connectivity kits for free to female beneficiaries who may not have one, the program will contribute to closing the gap in access to mobile phones, and therefore also in access to mobile money, a critical steppingstone in achieving greater financial inclusion.