Last updated: 23/10/2020
Objectifs du programme

To supply food grains to food-based social assistance programmes; provide price incentive to farmers to encourage production; maintain a buffer food stock in case of emergencies; and stabilise market prices in the face of price volatility

Previous programme name (if any)
Composantes du programme
The system operates through monetised and non-monetised channels. The former includes Open Market Sales (OMS), Essential Priorities (EP), Other Priorities (OP) and Large Employers (LE). The latter includes Food for Work (FFW), Vulnerable Group Development (VGD), Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF), Test Relief (TR) and Gratuitous Relief (GR). Food Assistance for the Chittagong Hill Tracts Region is also provided via PFDS. FFW was expected to be substituted by the Work for Money programme, but after being initially defunded, FFW received new funds from the revised 2017-18 budget onwards.
Conditionalities (if any)
Contribution type and amount
Méthodes de ciblage
Categorical Targeting
Geographical Targeting
Community-Based Targeting
Régions ciblées
The programme operates nationwide. Upazila-level poverty and food vulnerability maps indicate priorities for resource allocation of social assistance programmes
Critère d'éligibilité
Eligibility reassessment (if any)
Type de bénéfices
Food and other cash and in-kind assistance
Montant des bénéfices
OMS – Rates of BDT 30 (USD0.36) per kilogram of rice and BDT 17 (USD0.2) per kilogram of wheat flour for low-income families (around 5 kg of rice per day per family was set to be distributed until the Boro harvest in April 2018). FFW and TR – 8 kg of rice per work day. VGD – 30 kg of rice per month per household and social support services (including life skills and income-generating skills training, savings and access to credit) for a cycle of twenty-four months. VGF - 10-30 kg of rice/wheat per month. GR – The average amount of rice given out by the Gratuitous Relief program is 15.7 kilograms per beneficiary. [13] The programme also offers other cash or in-kind transfers (e.g. blankets) to meet the needs of disaster-affected people. Food Assistance for the Chittagong Hill Tracts Region – 3.5 kg per day per person (data from 2009).
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Payment/delivery frequency
Benefit recipients
Minimum and maximum duration of benefits (if any)
The following coverage has been established for each component under the 2018-19 budget (in lac or man-months; 1 lac = 100,000) [6]: OMS - 121.64 lac FFW – 11.01 man-months VGD - 142.47 man-months VGF - 64.72 lac TR - 19.06 man-months GR – 56.82 lac Food Assistance for the Chittagong Hill Tracts Region – 7.76 man-months
Dépenses du programme
The following expenditure has been established for each component under the 2018-19 budget (in BDT crore; 1 crore = 10 million): OMS - 832 FFW - 987.58 VGD – 1,685.07 VGF – 1,730.81 TR – 1,390 GR – 540.88 Food Assistance for the Chittagong Hill Tracts Region – 282.82
Legal Framework
Population Group
Women, Working age group